We are a full service, public relations and marketing agency. Beyond the scope of media relations, we specialize in brand development through highly strategic media outreach plans that provide our clientele with multi-faceted approaches to their success. 

With a team that boasts more than a decade of experience in the editorial, public relations, branding and marketing realms, we are able to take our clients to new heights.



We will never say “any press is good press.” Good PR places a brand in the right context, in the right outlets. Press is only valuable if the brand and or persona appears in the media read by its target audience.

We know that the press we generate needs to be more than a mere picture of a product on a page or a one line quote buried in a three page article. To that end, we strive to build strategic and thoughtful campaigns around personalized pitches that tell a story and place a company and or persona within the larger context of what is happening in their industry and the world. BECK PR is committed to know what people are talking about and how a brand fits into and furthers the conversation.


BECK PR loves brands with a unique story and a strong point of view. The brands we present to the press never compete with each other or tell the same story. We very proudly keep just one excellent brand in each category…and we are always happy to share who we’re working with because our clients like to know that they are in good company.  We are never more delighted than when clients consider each other such good company that they decide to collaborate on a project together.

If you are curious about what we can do with your brand, send us a note!