Brand Strategy

We take our clients through an individualized process where we develop multifaceted marketing strategies that lead to stronger overall brand equity. Having a clear and conscience branding strategy is essential to developing product loyalty, which ensures a company’s longevity. 


We understand your message and expand on it to make the biggest impact. We create buzz building campaigns that delivers your business' or brand’s message to targeted outlets that would maximize your media coverage.  Our unique perspective guarantees an experienced sensitivity to the buzz potential of your story. We pride ourselves in being able to capitalize on media trends as well as directing and magnifying your story through traditional and new media lenses.




We can help you anticipate, plan for, and recover from negative stories that are played out in the public media and protect your personal or business reputation. We pride ourselves in our expert research and careful analysis of the factors that affect your situation, which allow us to develop a crisis containment plan that is customized for both your short-term and long-term objectives. 

media coaching

We understand that media coaching is not just about delivering a message that is concise and convincing. What if you fumble a question? Go off script and say something you regret? Our media training creates realistic interview scenarios ranging from TV to print to radio. We give you the tools needed to respond to questions using your talking points and use of body language. We will make you more believable, likable and improve your voice quality and overall appearance. 

In addition, we educate you on the role of media, how the industry impacts you and your brand, what reporters are looking for, how to stick to your talking points, how to avoid reporters’ tricks and traps, non-verbal communication and your clothing and make-up. In the end, the above tools will enable you to face the toughest reporters and hold your ground while getting your message across to mass media and developing brand loyalty.